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Founder and Managing Partner: David S. Duplay


Dave has led and advised several enterprise–wide transformation initiatives focused on enabling the company’s business model to adapt to changing market conditions and disruptive market forces. His years of working with top pharmaceutical and medical device companies to working with and at some of the best in class analytics and patient insight firms has provided Dave with a unique perspective that allows him to harmoniously blend all aspects of healthcare delivery continuum of care.


Dave has been recognized for his ability to raise visibility and bring innovative technologies to the forefront. This combined with his successful background in strategic marketing and operations has resulted some of the most highly recognized, award-winning health platforms in the market today.

Over Dave's career, he has gained the reputation as one who “thinks outside the box to connect the dots of industry stakeholders” and builds strong relationships with entrepreneurs, investors, clients and strategic partners.

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Senior Partner: Francesco Rulli


Francesco, has leveraged a life-long interest in entrepreneurship, Real Estate,  Media and Technology and has been an active Real Estate investor in NYC since 1995.


Other enterprises include:

  • The John Malkovich Uncle Kimono clothing line founded with Actor John Malkovich in 2002 and distributed Worldwide.

  • The Film Annex, an “online” film distribution company. Launched in 2004, the company promoted independent and foreign language films with revenues generated through a custom-designed ad server and player. 

  • BitLanders, a social media platform with 1 million registered users, has an extended footprint across the Middle East and Asia-Pacific Rim. Now an industry leader in gamification, BitLanders has several pending patents, including, among others, the content ranking system Buzz Score, and BitMiles, a rewarding system inspired by the Medici family’s double ledger accounting system.

Francesco’s philanthropic efforts extend to Afghanistan, where he sponsored the construction of thirteen classrooms, providing students with the tools and opportunities of “digital citizenship.” 

In 2015, Francesco launched Querlo with a series of chatbots on BitLanders, providing a robust environment and laboratory for “conversational AI.” Applying proprietary software, Querlo employs computer algorithms that mimic the elaborate neural connections of the human brain, a revolutionary development that promises to unify health and sciences with technology.

Francesco is a Forbes AI Solutions Global Partner, Florence Cathedral Museum, Chief Digital and Cognitive Officer and The Global Medical Relief Fund, Executive Board Member

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